Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lady Raven's Creations

Opposites Attract Necklace, originally uploaded by Lady Raven's Creations.

I am so pleased to feature the work of Taleda, one of my sweetest customers in the world and the owner of a wonderful jewelry shop named Lady Raven's Creations at Etsy.

Taleda is a wonderful lady that loves to create beautiful stunning jewelry while she is sitting in her easy chair listening to meditative music... As she says in her own words "I love creating jewelry because it brings me to a high level of inner Peace..."

She is also a Licensed and Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Bodyworker here in Nevada so, creating jewelry is a great complement to the way she loves to bring good vibes to people... Isn't that amazing?

Visit her shop at or and enjoy :)

Have a peaceful day,



Dirt. said...

i just had to check out her shop after your post, and i love lime green ice!

what a talented lady. thanks for introducing us to her shop!

Jamie said...

visited her shop and wow does she have alot of pretty things! Thanks for blogging about her, I'm following you now too!

Lady Raven's Creations said...

Wow ... I am so honored by You, Susy, I am speechless. Tears gathered quickly and fell over my smile.

My heart is full, Ladies, and my Spirit soars.

Thank You for visiting my little shop and for your lovely compliments.

Kim said...

Great pick and a great blog.