Thursday, December 1, 2011

Resin pendants in the making...

These lovely kitties gone fast so I need to do a little more of them and I will add some new projects this time...
The images are going to be decoupaged over the glass tile.

Ready for some layers of varnish...  I am adding one of my old graphic designs for my glass pendants section, "Victorian on Red" It will look great!

I use a waterbase varnish to cover and protect the image in my resin/glass pendants... 
Behind you can see some new polymer clay creations :)

When the varnish is completely dry it's time to pour the resin... I use the Envirotex Lite one, you can find it at Michaels...  You know what?  I will cover a couple of my polymer clay focal jewelry pieces with resin and see what happens ;)

Resin already poured... ready for the curing rack.
I will see you in two days dear pendants :)

Now, I need to keep working on my orders!  Have a wonderful day everyone!