Thursday, June 16, 2011

Enjoying Robin Maria Pedrero's art

I recently had the pleasure to trade my artwork with Robin Maria Pedrero's art prints.  She is a lovely lady and an exceptional artist, I love her paintings and the way she harmoniously combines the colors, always finding inspiration from nature and adding her personal and unique touch of fantasy... 

Pink Poppies in Paradise. Print.

I feel relaxed and cheerful at the same time when I see her paintings and I think that's what she wants to communicate, peace and joyfulness...

Happiness. White bird with flowers card.
Robin is a member of the Florida Artists Hall of Fame and an elected member of the Pastel Society of America. Capturing the spirit and energy of life in rhythmic colors, Robin uses translucent acrylic layers in her response to what catches her eyes and her heart, happily evoking moods of joy and serenity.

Garden of Love card

She is also a proud member of Unique Women in Bussines, a very supportive team of ladies that I am member of too :)

She says, “I personify nature through color and movement evoking moods of transition, whimsy, joy and serenity, expressing myself through mediums like charcoal, pastel, graphite, colored pencil, and ink used in layers with acrylic paint on various papers, wood, or canvas. I use color to emulate the energy and spirit of nature. Music and rhythm play a role in my process and seep into the movement of my creation.”

I think her paintings reflect the way she looks the world around her... it's like dreaming in colors... she found her own muse because she is obviously a person at peace with her world who love to share her art from the heart...

Thank you so much Robin, I am really enjoying my print and cards, they are like candy for my eyes :)