Friday, August 29, 2008

New Collection: Glass Tile Pendants

I have been working on this new collection of pendants, some of them are already listed in My Shop and a lot more are coming soon!
This new line of graphic pendants are handmade from recycled glass tiles, they are so cute and are embellished mostly with eye catching photography pieces or stunning paper patterns.
I want to offer 20% discount On This Collection for all my readers, sucribers and previous customers, so if you are one of them, just let me know at checkout in a Message to the Seller with the words: Blog reader, Blog Sucriber or Previous Customer.
You can complete the transaction and I will make the exact refund to your Paypal Account, or you can request a revised invoice before paying... Happy Shopping!! :)

***My Findings Today

As usual, some cute findings I would like to share...

Look at this blue cutie... is not so adorable? Godolly is a new Etsy Shop where you can order a Custom Doll, I mean, you can choose EVERYTHING about them, eyes, clothes, hair, accesories, make up, etc... just take a look... and they are made from scratch... Amazing!!

If you like Ethnic and Rustic Jewelry, visit Mafershop on Etsy, there you will find cute necklaces at great prices, I specially love this big seeds necklace, is stunning!!

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Nueyer Dua said...

Those glass tiles look great!!! I just started making some of my own. Any comments?