Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Craft Show and Good News

Hi Dear readers :)

How have you been? I hope you have doing GREAT!!

My Booth

About my Craft Show, it was a good experience, not many sales but I think I learned something else about this bussines and I am sure next time will be better...

Another view of my booth

Now, I am working on revamping my Etsy Shop, some new line of products are coming soon and I would like to make a very very Special Promotion for all my suscribers and previous customers to clean most of my stock (kind of clearance). Also, I am thinking about to make a Monthly Giveaway for new suscribers (including you in the first one of course) bringing some of my stuff as a prize... What do you think? I am so exited planning about this and I would love if you take the time to share some ideas or suggestions with me posting on the comments.

Well, next time I will post some new picks from my Favorite Etsy Shops for you to enjoy and thanks a lot for staying with me :)



Alicia said...

Hi! I saw you post your blog on my etsy forum topic. I love looking at booth setups for craft shows (I dream of doing one some day) and I love your setup here, so cute. Great job. =)

earthexpressions said...

Thank you Alicia, that was a great experiece for me...

kzoriginals said...

just wanted to tell you that i liked your set up for the craft show. where did you get that metal rack thing? I really need something like that for my crafts.

earthexpressions said...

Hi kzoriginals, that rack were provided by the Craft Boutique Organizer, but they are called Grid Displays or Grid Panels and I just found a site where you can find it They are in California, so, I hope it is helpful for you :)